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A Friend of Burgerlution!

My great friend, Sumaira Flower Ahmed, has a blog dedicated to her life as a Bostonian, reviewing bars, restaurants, and even places to get a Bikini wax in the city of Boston. Visit her amazing blog Flower: The Converted Bostonian. Although she doesn’t eat hamburgers it is the one food she misses(she may not admit it)! On a recent trip from Boston I took her to The Burger Joint for an experience of this secretive burger haven.

Now go visit her blog!!

A night at Shake Shack!

After a long day of work, both Sarah and I headed to shake shack. Forgetting to defrost any food to cook for dinner and being pretty tired we headed to the upper east side location. Closely located near the 4/5/6 train @ 86th street.

The experience this time was great! The past few times at UES I was a bit disappointed. I kept stating that UES needs to Learn from the original Madison Sq Park. However this time it hit the spot. I normally order the double shack with lettuce, onion and tomato. Medium is the standard on all burgers from shack shack.

Seats- Although they have outdoor seating, it still is winter. I want to be eating at a normal temperature. I do wish this location had more seats. If not more seats add outdoor heaters! It took about 5 minutes to find a seat.

The wait- this time it certainly took much longer to get our order. I don’t mind waiting if it’s worth the taste. We also don’t order much (2 burgers and 2 fries).

The burger- both rated by me and Sarah as perfectly cooked, and seasoned.

The fries- normally this location I have been disappointed. This time the fries were perfectly crunchy and not cold.

We will be back Shake Shack UES.

Cooking with Hamburgers from Pat LaFrieda

I purchased hamburger patties from Fresh Direct. They sell hamburgers direct from Pat LaFrieda and have 3 different blends to choose from. I cooked two on my cast iron skillet seasoned with a little salt and pepper. They then went on a Brioches bun and fit so perfectly.

Colameco’s Food Show with Pat LaFrieda

Mike Colameco interviews “The Magician of Meat” Pat LaFrieda and visits some restaurants around the city. I hope some of these restaurants will give me interviews as well. This clip is from last summer I believe.

Up and running!

The site seems to be up and running! Feel free to add us to your favorites/bookmarks and RSS. I do have some minor tweaks to make to the blog but other than that it looks great! Now I just need to shoot some footage.

Hello world!

This is the start of my blog to follow the progress of my documentary Burgerlution. Stay Tuned for more info…