About the Film

What is Burgerlution?

Burgerlution is a documentary by Jonathan Jacob which will premiere in May 2011. The films main goal is to follow the evolution of the burger from fast-food to fine dining.

Why Hamburgers?

Nothing is more American than the Hamburger. Even boys who throw a baseball poorly and girls without a knack for baking apple pie have all had experiences with that great American treat, the hamburger. Hamburgers are truly an american creation.
But where do our hamburgers come from? Americans rarely think about the origins of their patties and most of them have not even thought about the birth of their favorite meal. Where do hamburgers come from? Who invented this simple yet elegant sandwich? And where will they take it next?
What Hamburger Have Become…

Before ground beef in neat patties were devoured by children and adults alike, people were eating steaks of meat. In the days before hamburgers, meat was cooked over a flame for hours. This was before electricity, microwaves, or propane-fed backyard bar-be-ques. Hamburgers were invented to suit the new, fast-paced American lifestyle. Meals on the go, so familiar to us today, were invented in the form of hot ground beef on a sandwich.

Since then, hamburgers have become synonymous with fast food. Clowns, fries, calories, double super-sized cheeseburgers. This bad reputation is the hamburger Americans have learned to love. But chefs today are taking the hamburger back. This simple food is making a come back in the most elegant way possible. Hamburgers are now pan-seared, served on flakey brioche buns, topped with truffle oil, paired with exotic french fries, and served as elaborate entrees in New York╩╝s most famous eateries. Luckily, you can still eat them with your hands.

The hamburger has gone from the number one fast food, back to the slow, fine dining it evolved from.

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