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Bill’s Bar and Burger crossing the Hudson at Harrah’s

I can’t believe we havent written about how excited we are for the next Bill’s Bar and Burger!

The Burgerlution team in the kitchen with Brett Reichler

We met with Bill’s executive chef Brett Reichler to tell us about their burgers and restaurant philosophy. Bill’s uses Pat LaFrieda meats for all of their delicious burgers. But don’t be fooled! Bill’s prides itself on being a place where fast food and fine dining meet at a meaty cross-roads of juicy burger goodness.

Burger in hand, smile on face.

Brett invited us into the kitchen of their Rockefeller Center restaurant and let us taste their ridiculously yummy burgers.

Bill’s Maytag Blue and Bacon Burger

Bill’s will be opening a new location at Harrah’s in Atlantic City this summer. We snagged the shot below on a drive through New Jersey. We cant wait for a night at the Pool with a mouth-watering Maytag burger!

Follow @billsnyc on twitter for more news about the new spot!

Tips for Better Burgers at Home

Recently The Burgerlution met with J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, an executive editor for Serious Eats. He’s a food science genius with a big passion for our favorite food. In the clip below, Kenji gives his tips for starting a great burger in your own kitchen. Follow him on Twitter @TheFoodLab.

Porterhouse: It’s What’s for dinner.

In an effort to learn more about meat and different cuts, my brother has bought me “Lobel’s Meat Bible” for the holidays. I have been reading it and following the explanations of the cuts of Beef. I also have been watching videos of various butchers cutting down the cow and getting to these cuts. The process is very interesting and being that this is what I was doing all day yesterday, I decided do get a Porterhouse for dinner. I live right near Eli’s Vinegar Factory, which has a beautiful Butcher shop as well as a aging room for beef!  I purchase a nice porterhouse which the friendly butcher cut down to size for me.

This is how I prepare my Porterhouse for use on my cast iron:

1. Sprinkle Salt (I prefer sea salt) on the meat, and let it come to room temperature.

2. Pat dry the meat after coming to room temperature, not much should have come out.

3. Pat on some olive oil and grind some black pepper and rub it into the steak.

4. Get the cast iron hot!

5. Preheat oven to 375.

6. 3 Minutes per side on the cast iron (don’t touch the meat let it cook!).

7. Place in the oven for 7-9 minutes (my oven is pretty bad so closer to 9)

8. LET IT REST (5 Mins, if you have a rack use it!) after it reaches your temperature of choice. I prefer Rare.

Is a Salmon Burger a REAL Burger?

In an effort to keep my palate eclectic and keep my appreciate for burgers, I had a Dill Salmon burger tonight. The salmon burgers I cooked tonight were from Whole Foods (Union Square). I pan fried them, placed them on sesame buns, with sliced avocado. Cooking a salmon burger is a different process than cooking a regular hamburger as the salmon is so lean it doesn’t cook the same way. The burger barely sizzles, nothing comes out of the burger, cooking it is more like heating it than cooking it. They burger doesn’t quite taste the same, it makes you ready to eat a burger but right as you take a bite it deceives you. The lean to fat ratio is just non existent.

So I pose the questions…. Is a Salmon Burger a real hamburger? Do you eat a salmon burger as a Hamburger replacement? What other hamburger variations do you enjoy?

Cooking with Hamburgers from Pat LaFrieda

I purchased hamburger patties from Fresh Direct. They sell hamburgers direct from Pat LaFrieda and have 3 different blends to choose from. I cooked two on my cast iron skillet seasoned with a little salt and pepper. They then went on a Brioches bun and fit so perfectly.