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Quick Bite at Corner Bistro

We are having a great time working on editing The Burgerlution. It’s been a labor of love. The film is coming together smoothly. But spending so many hours in the cutting room can be exhausting. And watching hours and hours of delicious, juicy hamburgers on the big screen can be appetizing.

Yesterday, The Burgerlution decided to take some time off. And what a better way to spend an R&R day than eating a hamburger?

This meant a trip to Corner Bistro in the West Village. We are partial to smaller, waxpaper-adorned burgers but there’s a special place in our hearts for this meaty behemoth.┬áIf there is any burger that deserves an unhinged jaw, full-facial work out, it is this one. The cheeseburger at Corner Bistro is just a treat.

Our favorite part of Corner Bistro is the no-nonsense attitude. The atmosphere is super old-school and everything feels very true to its roots. We love that there is no menu except for the small board that we can hardly make out from across the room. As if we need a menu! Hamburgers all around!

Get your own mouthful at Corner Bistro, W4th and the corner of Jane St in the West Village.

a well deserved burger

Being that it is restaurant week I decided to treat myself to a well deserved lunch. There is nothing better than saying, "I am going to treat myself today," and getting something you would not normally get. Considering my budget being a college student it's not a normal day when I decide to spend $25 on lunch, however I can justify this by telling myself it is for school. After all eating hamburgers and finding out about how they evolved is my thesis. I had finished work early Friday, and I was in the flatiron area, when I had realized it is restaurant week. What better than to head to the "Ace Hotel" and visit "The Breslin" they do after all have the prix fixe menu option for restaurant week. After making a few phone calls to see if anyone was interested in coming along to lunch (a late one), I headed to The Breslin myself for a well deserved lunch.

Upon arriving to The Breslin, I noticed it was quite busy and I may have to sit at the bar. I checked in with the hostess who suggested doing just that. After getting setup at the bar I was immediately provided a few menus. I was quite surprised when looking at the prix fixe menu when it did not include the lamb burger. Oh well, I knew exactly what I was going to get anyway.

I took a quick glance at the cocktail menu and a few things caught my eye, I decided on the Forbidden Fruit (Apple Brandy, Pimm’s, fresh lemon juice and bitters,topped with ginger beer). This was served in a tall glass with ice and was perfect to sip on while I waited for my burger.

The service when I had arrived was as you would expect for a busy restaurant, however as time went by and more people left, it became more personal. I did wait quite a bit for the burger to come out, however I saw a good 5-10 other burgers come out for people who had come before me. But boy was the burger worth the wait.

The Burger arrived on a wood cutting board, with a steak knife, cumin mayo, and a french fry holder. It was a beautiful sight. I was so ready to dig in but I had to snap some shots for the blog.

After snapping a few pictures, I had to take a bite… A bite well deserved and worth the wait.

The lamb burger was perfectly cooked, medium-rare is the standard for the burger. It is served on a ciabatta, which would be great to absorb the juices, however the burger was juicy yet contained. It was a great experience because I didn't need to consistently clean my hands or face. On the burger there was an onion garnish, a few light pieces for flavor, not overpowering. The lamb burger is about flavor, it is an unexplainable mouth feeling. Normally I am quite the burger purist, enriched white bun and ground beef, I however consider this a real hamburger. 

I highly suggest visiting The Breslin if you are interested in having a lamb burger experience.

The Breslin

Updated! Coming Soon: Go Burger

Update: According to @GoBurgerny the UES location will be opening Mid February! They are currently training new staff. As I mentioned previously I am in talks with the PR firm that handles GoBurger. Hopefully we can be at the opening. We are very excited for this.

Successor to BLT Burger : Go Burger is coming soon to the Upper East Side. The chain part of the BLT family of restaurants has evolved from a food truck to a physical location. The truck began roaming the city spring 2010, after a contest was posted to BLT's website to find the name for the new burger truck. After chef Laurent Tourondel split from current owner Jimmy Haber, as part of the agreement, no future locations were to include the BLT name. The truck took the street in April and May doing tests and providing visitors with free sample burgers. This past summer the Go Burger truck made NY magazine's top 25 food trucks.

Go Burger's menu describes burgers as "Our Creekstone Farms 100% Black Angus beef burgers are a combination of sirloin, short rib, chuck and brisket cut and are served on a soft bun". These burgers sound delish and if they are anything like BLT burger I am sure I will be visiting often. The Go Burger website simply says Coming Soon, however rumors predict January 2011 for the opening. I hope to be invited to a tasting for press when they first open as I was for Elevation Burger.

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Follow the Go Burger Truck: @GoBurger
Follow Go Burger NY (UES): @GoBurgerny



Blue 9 Burger hits Upper East Side

Boy it has been a few days since I have posted anything, but here is what is going on. I am planning on meeting and shooting some footage for the film starting January. It has been exciting getting things ready for the shoot. I have been planning and researching quite a bit.

On my way home from New Jersey this week after the snow hit hard, I was in a Cab and quite hungry. I will tell you a commute from New Jersey to New York and then a cab all the way to the UES sure makes me hungry. After a day full of driving and commuting there is nothing like coming back to the city and enjoying a hamburger! I was really crazing one, after all its been a few days.

When I arrived back in my apartments Sarah and I checked SeamlessWeb for our burger choices. High up on the alphabetical list was Blue 9 Burger, which at first I thought was a mistake. Seamless often has catering options that appear but are not actual restaurant options. However this in-fact was not a mistake. We ordered the Fries and drink combo which is very well priced. I ordered the Blue 9 Burger which is a double cheese burger, I added the firecracker style which is grilled chili sauce, lettuce and tomato. Now I know any burger aficionado would cringe when adding a spicy flavor to distract from the flavor of the meat. I was worried the burger would be dry and boring and would need this sauce. I was wrong and in fact enjoyed the burger more than I had imagined.

The Burger and fries arrived luke warm, but hey there is snow on the ground and burgers don’t travel well. I understand that. I was very surprised when I took a bite out of the burger and it was actually pretty flavorful. The meat was surprisingly tasty and had a unique flavor, I would say very similar to Fresh N Fast, which makes me believe they maybe receive their meat from Master Purveyors. The fries were not very crispy and pretty saggy, now I am not sure if this was as a result of being delivered or if in general they are like this. They are served with a mango chili sauce that had a nice kick to it.

Blue 9 Burger has quite good reviews on Yelp, SeamlessWeb, and was Rated Best Budget burger by Time out New York in 2010.

For the price and convenience of delivery especially on a cold snowy day, I would highly recommend this location. I also would give them a shot if you have had a previously bad experience at any other Blue 9 Location.