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Tips for Better Burgers at Home

Recently The Burgerlution met with J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, an executive editor for Serious Eats. He’s a food science genius with a big passion for our favorite food. In the clip below, Kenji gives his tips for starting a great burger in your own kitchen. Follow him on Twitter @TheFoodLab.

Is a Salmon Burger a REAL Burger?

In an effort to keep my palate eclectic and keep my appreciate for burgers, I had a Dill Salmon burger tonight. The salmon burgers I cooked tonight were from Whole Foods (Union Square). I pan fried them, placed them on sesame buns, with sliced avocado. Cooking a salmon burger is a different process than cooking a regular hamburger as the salmon is so lean it doesn’t cook the same way. The burger barely sizzles, nothing comes out of the burger, cooking it is more like heating it than cooking it. They burger doesn’t quite taste the same, it makes you ready to eat a burger but right as you take a bite it deceives you. The lean to fat ratio is just non existent.

So I pose the questions…. Is a Salmon Burger a real hamburger? Do you eat a salmon burger as a Hamburger replacement? What other hamburger variations do you enjoy?

A night at Shake Shack!

After a long day of work, both Sarah and I headed to shake shack. Forgetting to defrost any food to cook for dinner and being pretty tired we headed to the upper east side location. Closely located near the 4/5/6 train @ 86th street.

The experience this time was great! The past few times at UES I was a bit disappointed. I kept stating that UES needs to Learn from the original Madison Sq Park. However this time it hit the spot. I normally order the double shack with lettuce, onion and tomato. Medium is the standard on all burgers from shack shack.

Seats- Although they have outdoor seating, it still is winter. I want to be eating at a normal temperature. I do wish this location had more seats. If not more seats add outdoor heaters! It took about 5 minutes to find a seat.

The wait- this time it certainly took much longer to get our order. I don’t mind waiting if it’s worth the taste. We also don’t order much (2 burgers and 2 fries).

The burger- both rated by me and Sarah as perfectly cooked, and seasoned.

The fries- normally this location I have been disappointed. This time the fries were perfectly crunchy and not cold.

We will be back Shake Shack UES.